Roll up with movable guide

Roll up with movable guideWith no barriers on the floor

The G system - for Grifo Flex insect screens -  basically consists of a movable guide with black nylon links with square design (tank): when the protection is activated, the tank sits in a small aluminum guide track with a rounded profile; when the screen is retracted, the movable guide disappears into the bar handle: all that remains on the threshold is the small aluminum guide track, which can be walked on and which is not an obstacle for the disabled or for children or the elderly.
The bar handle has a central latch (with quick release system both inside and outside) and folding handles.
The G system is applied to the main Grifo Flex side retractable screens: Confort, Sidney, Kiko, Jordan and Sidney Built-In (described in the relative specifications).
The 20x31 mm jamb replaces the 21x24 in the case of Confort, Sidney, Kiko; Giordania and Sidney Built-In use built-in jambs compatible with Grifo Flex latching systems.
The side retractable SILENT model has controlled sliding of the screen, which can be opened to any position. The retractable movable guide frees the threshold from annoying obstacles.
SILENT can be made in several versions, with sequence screens, central opening (symmetrical or non-symmetrical), two-side opening...
35 mm aluminum roller canister with a rounded and symmetrical design for reversibility, with black nylon caps.
35 mm aluminum “Tank” holder (bar handle) in with a square, linear design, symmetrical for reversibility, with black nylon caps.
Retractor roller in extruded aluminum, with mesh attached with high-strength double-sided adhesive tape. Spring made from phosphated pre-galvanized steel wire.
Fiberglass mesh, covered with grey PVC highly resistant to atmospheric agents, washable, self-extinguishing.
48x60 mm upper guide, with inclined double brushes to hold the upper tanks and insect-proof brush. They are made of high-quality, water repellent polypropylene, UV-stabilized, with high wear resistance.
Aluminum lower guide track, just 6 mm high, with wings having a dual function: they help the sliding of the screen and facilitate its passage over the guide. Can be attached with double-sided adhesive tape (already applied to the guide track).
Reversible installation.