PleatedWith no barriers on the floor

Pleated screens use a mesh with accordion folds. 
They have no barriers on the floor, and are recommended for French windows with high traffic and, thanks to the modular design (Plissè model), for large openings in general.
They have no return spring (the “tension” of the mesh is provided by a system of cords): the screen can be left in any position; ideal for places where there are elderly or disabled persons.
Aluminum sliding profile, 35 mm (Plisse) or 18 mm (Gioconda 022).
Back to the wall /closure in aluminum, 35 mm (Plisse) or 18 mm (Gioconda 022).
Fiberglass mesh covered with black PVC, washable, self-extinguishing.
Upper guide 46x67 mm (Plissè), with 2 inclined insect-proof brushes, an insect-proof brush in high-quality, water repellent polypropylene, UV-stabilized, with high wear resistance; 35x22 for Gioconda 022. Wide openings: Plissè can be made in several versions with sequence screens (up to 6), central opening (symmetrical or non-symmetrical), and also two-side opening. Reversible installation.