Oceania Line

Oceania LineFixed guide tracks • Double brushes

Oceania series, uses fixed guide tracks, with double brushes. For windy areas it is possible to apply the windproof brush to keep the mesh in the guide.
Canister sizes 31, 39 and 45 mm. Fastening boxes or fixed end caps, depending on the model. Double channel guides, 21x36 mm.
Retractor roller with reinforcement ribs that increase its flexural resistance (excluding Kiko). Spring made from phosphated pre-galvanized steel wire.
Fiberglass mesh, covered with grey PVC highly resistant to atmospheric agents, washable, self-extinguishing.
Bar handle with a grip along its entire length, nylon ends (slides) that slide inside the guide tracks and an insect-proof brush in high-quality, water repellent polypropylene, UV-stabilized and entirely recyclable, with high wear resistance.