Grifo Zip

Grifo ZipCrank / Motor

The mesh is finished at the sides with zippers that slide into special nylon guides (held by aluminum guide profiles) that ensure that the mesh is locked perfectly and completely in place in case of wind or accidental impacts.
The Zip system is ideal for exterior and interior applications, both large and small.
These insect screens are available with either manual crank or 220V motorized movement, using the 85 mm, the 105 cm and the new 135 mm Grifo Flex canisters (squared with bevel) and 140 mm canister (with a rounded front profile).
Guide tracks: 42x40 mm combined with the 85 mm and 42x65 mm for the other canisters.
Heavy aluminum bottom rail, 20x48 mm, with an additional internal flat galvanized iron weight to better counteract wind pressure.
Somfy ø40 motor in the 85 cm and ø50 in larger canisters.