Asia Line

Asia LineBuilt-in • Windproof buttons

The Asia built-in line is characterized by the hidden installation inside the false frames set up for the window, thanks to the square canisters and to the guide tracks with special fixing systems. Nylon windproof buttons to hold the mesh in the guides (applied according to the dimensions and the canister).
Canister with square section: 55x55, 50x50 and 45x45 mm.
Retractor roller with reinforcement ribs that increase its flexural resistance.
Fiberglass mesh, covered with grey PVC highly resistant to atmospheric agents, washable, self-extinguishing.
Bar handle with a grip along its entire length, nylon ends (slides) that slide inside the guide tracks and an insect-proof brush in high-quality, water repellent polypropylene, UV-stabilized and entirely recyclable, with high wear resistance.
For the Asia line insect screens we ask for the finished measurement. The daylight opening dimensions can be provided where the dimensions of the false frame are made specifically for our products, according to our indications, and after notification.

The COREA, JORDAN and INDIA models use flat guides as wide as the canister, 36 mm deep, ideal for aluminum window frames; they can be easily combined with wood and PVC thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes.
The MALESIA, LIBANO and GIAVA models (55/50) use special guide tracks that have a “lowered” seat (10 mm deep and 33 or 38 mm wide in relation to the canister) in which PVC (or wood) masking strips are fastened. Strips not available.
The CINA, TIBET and SIRIA models use 21x36 guides, which are installed using wooden strips (not supplied) of the same wood type as the window frames.