Imagine yourself enjoying a refreshing tea on the veranda, or in your garden taking care of your beautiful plants, or sunbathing on the terrace: these are the times when you really appreciate the peace of those precious moments of relaxation, and you don’t want them to be ruined by anything.
But instead, here they come.
Bees, flies, mosquitoes and other insects that seem like they couldn’t wait to torment you with their bites and annoying buzzing.

It’s the very last thing you want, right?

You realize you need some screens, but you don’t want just any old kind of screen: you want a made-to-measure insect screen that is strong, reliable and economical, that perfectly matches its surroundings.

Are you sure you have considered all the factors that are important for you in making a choice?

If you’re not sure, don’t worry: your friends at Grifo Flex will help you choose insect screens that are perfect for your needs!

How to choose insect screens made to measure for you?

Especially in summer, as soon as you leave a door or window open, irritating, bloodthirsty mosquitoes, as well as other flying insects, take advantage of it to invade your house: but this doesn’t happen if you have installed made-to-measure insect screens that can protect your sleep and your rest without any effort on your part.

Retractable screens are practical insect protection systems consisting of a close mesh screen that extends along guides, and that rolls up into a canister when you don’t want to use it.

The fiberglass and PVC mesh allows air to pass through, providing room ventilation while at the same time preventing annoying insects from coming in.

There are different types of insect screens, each designed for a specific need: roll up (which retract either horizontally or vertically), fixed panel extendable (recommended when you don’t want to do invasive installation work), sliding (highly recommended for balconies and verandas), hinged panel (very practical for doors, balconies, verandas), built-in (in which the mesh screen retracts inside the wall), along with many others.

The choice of your ideal type of insect screen can depend on a variety of factors, both objective and subjective: how modern your building or structure is (for old buildings being renovated, for example, it may be preferable to choose a built-in model that doesn’t clash with the room), how often it is used (if you will be opening and closing it just a few times each day you may prefer a manual model), and the total amount you plan on spending..
The color of the screen is another factor to be taken into consideration: for example, if you choose a model with a dark-colored mesh, you can also use it for protection against sunlight.

The Free line of insect screens: a practical screen system without barriers on the floor!

Among the many models that may be right for you, the Free line is recommended for those  who are looking for a type of model that is extremely practical and does not constitute an obstacle for passing through the doorway.
The Silent roll up insect screen, for example, is an especially convenient and practical model for those who want to quickly and easily install an insect screen that is perfect for protecting French windows, and can be locked in various positions thanks to friction opening.
The Silent insect screen is available in a variety of modular configurations, for effective protection even of very wide openings.
This type of screen is ideal for those who want to be able to clean their product quickly and easily, since it can be completely disassembled, and it allows easy obstacle-free passage (with no barriers on the floor).
The Free models have a practical, modern, attractive design, with a compact frame (30 millimeter width).

Has this article been helpful? If you need advice or replacement parts for repairing insect screens, contact us with no obligation, and we’ll provide you with the solution that’s right for you!